All of Green Pop's workshops are mobile! We come to you with everything required for an easy going, fun and lavish workshop experience. Read through the workshop offerings below and once you've made your selection just get in touch to let us know your preferred date. We can't wait to help you set the scene for your next celebration.

The Floral Headpiece

2 hours | Minimum of  8 participants

We've all seen them, a wreath of flowers elegantly propped upon one's crown. The process of making these gorgeous adornments is where the fun really lies, it's just a bonus that you look amazing wearing it out afterwards. Learn how to structure your selection of elements and properly prepare them for placement. Find out the essentials for prolonging the life of your headpiece, ready for you to take home.

The Kokedama

1.5 hours | Minimum of  6 participants

The workshop will cover the messy (but fun!) design process of making Kokedama. You will select a small potted plant and undertake the hands-on process of transforming it into a moss covered Kokedama, bundled together with twine. This will include learning the techniques to form the ball, protecting the roots of the plant, and how to wrap the string correctly, ready for you to hang your little greenery on display where you like. By the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge to create unlimited Kokedama, as well as how to care for your new treasure.

Terrarium Build

1.5 hours | Minimum of  8 participants

Build your own mini garden and learn the principles of sustaining its water cycle, maintaining plant health, and the science behind the craft that will assist you to build many more terrariums long after your Green Pop workshop. You’ll love the process of selecting your own small plants for your design, and getting to know the quirks of each one along the way. Step-by-step we will build our beauties by selecting a vessel, inserting the foundation layers, planting our live plants, and finally landscaping the surface layer.

Gift Wrap Design

1.5 hours | Minimum of  4 participants

Starting with the paper, let's experiment with beautiful gift wrapping! Learn a handful of techniques to dress up drab wrapping including how to tie perfect bows every time. Most importantly, we will use foliage and floral elements along with seed pods and other organic materials to conjure your unique decorative style.

Small Florals

2 hours | Minimum of  6 participants

This workshop is a great all-rounder session that will leave you capable to DIY throughout the year for all sorts of occasions. Learn the techniques to select, prepare and arrange elements for small, wired clusters such as button holes and a corsage, along with slightly larger compositions such as a cake topper design. During the workshop we will also make a small posy, while learning the essential floral arranging rules-of-thumb.

Woven Nests

2 hours | Minimum of  4 participants

Have you ever tried to weave your own vessel? Green Pop will show you how. Woven baskets have been crafted since the beginning of time; get in touch with Mother Nature in this down-to-earth workshop as you’re guided through the process of preparing your materials and building your hand-woven nest. Once complete, this organic creation can be used around your home as a basket or for holding other plants such as Kokedama. With your new found skills, why not try weaving with other materials at home, such as rope?

Flowers for Table Styling

2 hours | Minimum of  6 participants

Do you dream of a tablescape to stun your friends and family; cementing those festive memories of stories and laughs around the table with visions of colour, decoration and style? Blow their socks off with a Vogue-esque photo-worthy setting, using the tips, tricks and methods learned in this table styling workshop. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a lesson in simple posy arrangements for tables and learning the steps for selecting floral and foliage accents as decorations to compliment your vision.

Festive Wreaths

2 hours | Minimum of  4 participants

Whether it’s baking cookies, wrapping the gifts, or putting on a meal for your family, the best bit about any festive season is getting into the spirit of things and making something. This year, give something new a try, making your own botanic wreath! Get in touch with nature and collect together your organic elements, then learn the techniques to build your wreath from the base through to the finer details of arranging the finished look.

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