Learn how to make your new kit via a Zoom session. Browse the available sessions, register for your preferred one and lock it in your calendar.


We'll have some fun while I take you step by step through the process of making your new crafty project, answering any burning questions you have as we go!

If there's no good time on the list - contact me and I can take you through a one-on-one Zoom sesh at a time we agree on. 

Photography - Nina Cavicchiolo @eva_and_tissy


Coming soon - I'll add to the collection of demonstrations over time and plan to show you all sorts of useful things including:

  • how to choose a great jar for your terrarium

  • caring for your terrarium

  • caring for kokedama

  • watering an air plant

But for now, I'll show you how to build your terrarium!

No upcoming events at the moment